Holiday Time..destination..Algarve!

So I’m actually being super organised for a change and writing this just before I go away!  I am off to Portugal on Monday.  I hadn’t even been to the Algarve till until nearly six years ago and decided to take my husband on a surprise trip and we fell in love with it.

This is my fourth visit and we usually stay all inclusive but I really want to see more of it this time, possibly hire a car even and mooch around.  We have done alot of the tourist things there, bar the water park.  We have been around the Loule and Quarteira gypsy markets.  We have been on a boat out to see the dolphins, done Vilamoura harbour.  This time I would like to see what real living there is like.  So we decided to try self-catering so there is no ties to the hotel, this time we are visiting Olhus d’Agua which I have been reading is a lovely local fishing village where you can watch the fishermen haul their catch.  It seems to have a number of places, restaurants to eat where I hope to be able to eat food like the locals.

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We also thought if the weather is warm enough it would be nice to watch the sunset on the beach.  I read on a blog the other day that there is a place called Cape St Vincent that I had never heard of (and not sure how far it is from where I am staying) you can get there and they call it the end of the world, supposedly because of the horizon, and even on not much of a fantastic day you can still see the most spectacular sunsets.  I really want to go there but realistically it depends how far away it is.

I’m also not sure what to expect weather wise as I’ve only ever been September/October time before.  I’m not into going in the height of the season but we have always been blessed with good weather before, I think I’ve only encountered one day of rain, which is drastically different to a day of rain in the Lakes!!

Has anyone been and can you recommend things to do that are not perhaps costly but just nice to do.  Particular walks or beaches off the beaten track.  Great places to eat, not English food.  I’d be super grateful.


Love Em x


**Disclaimer: all pictures are not mine, I’m hoping to show you mine when I get back!