Rimmel Mini Haul

So….I went shopping, had no money to spend realistically and ended up coming back with a mini Rimmel haul…..like you do!  What possessed me to pick up these bits?  I blame watching too many You Tube videos with Aisling aka Dramaticmac.  She recently won a competition with Rimmel and has since been chatting about a lot of their products.  In all fairness they do a Wake Me Up concealer which has become a ‘go-to’ ahead of Nars and Urban Decay for me.  So I had already gone through the brain process that if the concealer is that good, I should try the foundation to match.  So I got that last month.

This week they were on offer 3 for 2 at Boots.  So I bought a red lip pencil for my Mac red lipstick.  I got a replacement concealer for my other which is near the end in the colour True Ivory.  I picked a Kate Moss lipstick in shade 38 which is a bit like a peach based nude, nice for the spring.  I also picked up a blush in Santa Rose which seems to be a popular colour choice.  Also a new Lasting finish primer, a BB cream and one of the new Trios which have a blusher, bronzer and highlighter in.


The idea in my head is if I can get a palette and mascara I will do a Rimmel full face blog with pictures!  In the Trio I really like the colour of the blusher and the highlighter.  The bronzer is slightly dark for general use and certainly to dark to contour with but as I have a little bit of tan from holiday, lucky me, its ok at the moment.  I would like to get the lighter trio too but I was glad I’d picked the darker one for now as the rest were all lighter, so I think they will be easy enough to get hold of.  I’ve included swatches of them in the pictures.

From the top down swatches are Trio Blusher Trio Bronzer Trio Highlighter Rimmel Santa Rose Blush No 38 Kate lipstick Rimmel lip pencil Red Dynamite

I thought the BB cream would be nice for the summer when you don’t have time to do a full face or need to put on a lot and the reviews were excellent,  even for dry flaky skin, so I’ll keep you posted on that.  The primer is not as creamy as the L’oreal Lumi Magique but has the same whiteness so it will be interesting to see if it gives the same level of dewiness to the skin.

To finish off my haul I bought the Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 palette which is the dupe for the UD Naked 3, but at £4 its a steal.  I’ve held off getting it but just decided to bite the bullet as the feel of them is so creamy and the pay off seems to be really good.  Two of them are possibly as good as my Urban Decay ones, when I get a moment I want to compare the feel and longevity of them.

So that’s my mini haul.  Thanks for reading.  What have you got from Rimmel that you suggest trying?

Love Em xx



March Favourites

So, I’ve been remiss with my blog whilst on holiday, however, I’m back now just in time to give you a run down on my March favourites.

My first fav is my Too Faced bronzer.  I treated myself to this at the beginning of the month and am in love with it. I picked the chocolate soleil which is a medium/deep matte colour.  It’s the perfect shade for my skin and every time I open it I smell it, well, it just smells heavenly!  So, if you haven’t got one or swatched one yet…go and try it.


The second thing is my Clarins honey lip balm.  The correct name for it is Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil…a mouthful!  But for the regular people its very similar to a lip balm.  I waited for this as they didn’t have it in stock at our local shop, problems of living in a small town!  Anyway, when I got to the airport they did have it there and….bonus, it was tax free!  (Only by £3 but not to be sniffed at, it was a glass of wine on holiday.  I flipping love this stuff.  I used it everyday.)  My lips are really prone to drying out which is super annoying but this stuff is just awesome.  It feels slightly tacky at first but then that feeling disappears and it stays on for a good while before having to reapply.  It’s really hydrating.  I have no chapped, flaky lips.  I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone that is always having problems with dry lips…it is the bomb in my humble opinion.  They do it in a choice of honey or raspberry, which are both lovely.

I got a teeny tiny sample of the Frat Boy blusher by The Balm in my birchbox and it is pink, it’s pigmented so a little goes a long way but I also have used that more than I care to admit this month.  Its a perfect pink for the Spring and I think I will be buying the full size version of this when I run out.


I also got some from acrylic drawers and a lipstick holder from Muji and Ebay as I was needing a little more storage.  I wasn’t sure if they would just become dust collectors but I really like them.  They are a super size to fit quite a bit in without taking over the room and they are sturdy.  Also stackable so will keep my eyes out for more of their products in future.

That is it for now as I haven’t tried everything I actually bought.  Have you got anything this month you fell in love with or really hated?

Marching on to new things to try

I can’t believe where this month is going.  Is it just as I get older that time goes faster?  Or are you feeling how are we in March already too?

One thing I told you guys I’d love to try but just don’t have the cash was the Artis brushes.  However, I accidentally came across a similar shaped one on eBay for pennies.  I think it was £2.75 which for that if I don’t like it can just chuck it in the bin.  It’s really dense and small.  It’s rather bizarre as expected but only tried it once so am holding judgement until I’ve used it a bit.


The other thing I have heard alot about is Vitamin C serum being super for your skin.  I picked mine up from Amazon.  It’s not as thick as I imagined it to be.  But again I’ll try and include it in my skin care routine and see how it goes.  If it does impressive things I shall let you know!


I also love the Rimmel wake me up concealer so have fancied trying a drug store foundation too for a while and when I saw this on offer in Asda for £5  i thought I’d give it a go.   Have any of you got this?  Infallible seems really popular but I’ve heard good things about Borjouis Healthy Serum too.  I mean how many foundations does a girl actually need?? But in my defence they are my favourite beauty product at the moment.  I also got a free 7 day trial of YSL foundation…not sure when that offer finishes but great way to try it.

I got a new Mac lippie Ruby Woo to add to my collection.


I picked up a bomber jacket from Boohoo.  I thought it would be great to take on holiday as it’s alot lighter than my regular coat but still padded and has warmth to it.  A steal at £20.00 with free delivery.   And i picked up some black jeggings from M&S for £22.50 which I thought was really good value as the material is great but they have belt hoops and a button which make them feel more like jeans.

I also discovered Depop!  Am I really late joining the bandwaggon on this?  I managed to pick up a Coloured Raine matte lipstick in Marshmallow which reminds me of something.  It’s got a grey undertone to it, I’m not sure what it will be like on :-/ and I got a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Very Victoria to try.  That is one app I will have to be careful with..there you can actually get the Becca highlighter by Jacyln Hill but I am not spending anymore this month so maybe next.

Also, has anyone seen that my favorite make up brand Urban Decay have just released some highlighters, bronzers and new shades of foundation in the good ole USA.  When are we getting it here??? They have one called sin which just looks so gorgeous and is a champagne colour.  I’ve seen their pictures under Instagram if you were wondering.


Have you had any good finds or new bits this month?

Love Em x


Colorpop Lippie Stix Review

Back again to do a promised quick review on this lovely box of Lippie Stix.  I’m in the UK but managed to get a mini haul a while back from a ‘Go Send’ service I told you guys about on a separate blog.

Treated myself to this in their December sales and I can’t remember how much I paid but I do know it was cheap…similar to our Boots/Superdrug prices.  Well worth the money!  I got a box called Vixen which had 6 different ones to try and an additional one called ‘Lumiere’ which was Kathleen Lights lippy (You Tube).

They arrived in a gorgeous box with a mirror inside, I was super impressed with the packaging and it keeps them all together.  See picture below…

Lumiere, Last Call, 54, Ruffle, Jingle, Night Owl and Plastics.

They are held in really thin and tall casing in comparison to a standard lipstick but I like them.  It’s actually really easy to hold them because of this.  The formulas are all different, a bit like Mac lippies, there is matte, creme and pearlized.  I took swatches of them all for you and the colour pigment pay off is good on every single one.  There were a couple that dragged slightly, lumiere and ruffle, both mattes.  One is so creamy it could possibly break if you wound it up to high, the pearlized one called 54.


The swatches from top to bottom are Lumiere, Last Call, 54, Ruffle, Jingle, Night Owl and lastly Plastics.  They have a scent to them which is familiar but pleasant.  I am super impressed with these.  They all have staying power, I had to really use a lot of make up remover and rub my arm to get the swatches off.  I’ve also worn two of them and nothing really stays on my lips to much but these did.

We need Colourpop to come to the UK!  I would highly recommend trying them.  Have you any of their other products are they as good?

Love Em x

My Mac Lipsticks…the story so far

Can I just say…I only have 5 😢.  My #maclipstickgoal is considerably higher.

Out of the five I do own, the first one I got treated to I thought I would love but alas I don’t and that is snob.  I do love the formula though, it is a satin, my only one and its creamy but stays on for a good while.  It’s not entirely disagreeable so I don’t want to get rid of it but I find it too garishly pink for my taste, like a barbie pink almost 😑.  It was a present so it is here to stay but little used.

Because of the ‘mistake’ with the first one I asked a friend to recommend the second.  You may at this point be thinking just try them but where I live is nowhere near a Mac store….there is very little choice so it’s generally done online by recommendation.  My second choice was the staple which has to be my favourite, Velvet Teddy.  It’s a nude but leaning to the browner end.  It is matte in formula so stays on and would compliment all skin tones I think.

From top to bottom. Ruby Woo Creme Cup High Tea Velvet Teddy Snob

The third one I searched in a Mac store in Bruges last year.  It was my first time in one and I was blown away by the choice.  I honestly felt a little overwhelmed so browsed around but felt it was hard to pick unless you had something in mind which I did not.  I swatched High Tea and took note of the name and ordered it when I got home.   Out of all of them it’s not easy to show on camera what it’s like.   It’s a lustre, very sheen, light but catches the light.  I like it as it’s almost like a balm and I love my balms! But you have to reapply it a lot as it slides off.

My fourth was found on You Tube, I watch this girl called Dramatic Mac, her real name is Aisling, and she has a very mellow Irish accent.  She has a love of nude lipsticks and one of her favs is ‘Snowcap’ by NYX which I also love so this is one of her other favs. So it’s called Creme Cup.  I really like it, it’s a cremesheen which is not unlike the lustre.   It has pink tones rather than brown but not overbearing and feels soft on your lips.

And last my new purchase Ruby Woo.  A classic, again under recommendation by another You Tuber.  This one is a matte also and for this reason alone it will last longer than my others.  It is a true deep red which for some reason I am drawn to more than pinks.  Check out the swatches.  It does however bleed a little so a lip pencil will help with this and of course with any matte lipstick try dry brushing your lips so any dead or flaking skin is removed.

My next purchase I think will be Viva Glam II which is another nude!! I do love my neutrals.  Which have you got?

Love Em x


My Make Up Wish List

We’ve all got one…mines probably as long as my arm, well, longer.  My makeup wish list.  Generally I have to say high end because if its drugstore I am fortunate enough to be able to afford it.

One thing that fascinates me at the moment is the brushes the You Tubers are using for their make up.. Artis.  If anyone reads this and would care for me to review them I would perhaps acquiesce.  I actually wonder if any brush is worth that much money but I’m still intrigued by them.  Has anyone got any?  You can pick up a set from Net-a-Porter for £284.  Not bad eh?  Think it may be on my wish list for a long time!

artis brushes

Another thing is the Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Skin Perfector.  I was within a whisker of getting this the other week as a lovely lady whom I knew was visiting NYC and said she would pick me one up.  Alas, they were out of stock.  The lady actually told her they didnt do them anymore!! Yeah like Becca would miss out on that little goldmine.  However what I did get was lovely, she brought me back the ABH Glow Kit in Gleam.  I really do like it and they are very large pans too so should last a long time.

Next is a real quandary for me…I’m off to Edinburgh on Thursday to have a little spend and I’m in love with the Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette.  I haven’t seen it in real life or swatched it obviously but I love UD so I’m pretty sure I will like this, but at £38 I can only afford one palette and also am loving the Gwen Stefani one and the Nars L’Amour Toujours but that is a stonking £55!  Im hoping if I see them that will decide for me as I may physically be drawn to one more than another #thirdworldproblems.  I know, please don’t judge me.


NARSissist-LAmour-Toujours-LAmour-Palettekat von d

Yes, you’ve got it, also this Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette.  I heard that possibly they may be stocking them in Boots but I really hope its right as I’d definitely get this.  When I bought the foundation from her I got stung by customs so I thought I’ll hang fire on this until someone goes to America again.

hoola bronzer

I’m also in need of a new bronzer so would like to try the Hoola by Benefit but still want to compare it to a Mac or Too Faced one and I really fancy trying the ‘Better than Sex’ mascara.  I love the Benefit Rollerlash that is my everyday mascara but alot are raving about the other one.

Also if I could pick up a couple of lipsticks, perhaps the Amazing Grace by Charlotte Tilbury or Hug Me or Honey Love by Mac.  Reading this back my friend really is going to be dragged around the Makeup counters lol!  I’ll do a mini-haul for my next blog and try and get some pictures.

Love Em x