Breakfast Smoothie and a Healthy Snack

So I wanted to blog about something a bit different and thought I’d share my breakfast drink smoothie recipe and my favorite snack.


I’m not always ready for a proper breakfast when I wake up but if I go out with nothing by 11 am I’m so hungry.  So I tend to do myself a Raspberry and Banana Smoothie and whip it up in my blender.  It’s really super easy to do and keeps you going till lunch.


1 Banana

Almond/coconut milk approx 250ml

Chia seeds 1tsp

Raspberries frozen or fresh (these can be changed up for blackberries, blueberries ect)

Cinnamon 1tsp

Nut butter 1tbsp (I love almond but you use what you want)

Protein powder

This is so changeable, so you can swap you fruits, if you don’t want nut butter just leave it and not everybody likes having protein powder.  You dont have to use a specific type of protein powder, you may have flavoured powder..just give it a try.  If its too thick add more milk.  I find the protein powder fills me up more and if I’m running or biking that day it sets me up for the day.


The second thing which I try and always find the time to make is not my recipe however anyone can do it.  Energy balls.  Do you ever find yourself just feeling like a bite to eat stood at the fridge with the door swung open thinking ‘What can I have?’

I am lazy when it comes to eating.  I naturally love good stuff, salad, fruit, healthy food.  Alas, I completely lack the motivation to prepare any of it!  These balls are tasty to me…I am not sure whether they’ll be to everyones taste but I’d definitely say try them.  You get around 15-18 balls dependant on how big you roll them.


1 mug of medjool dates

3/4 mug of almonds

3/4 cup of walnuts or any other (brazil are lovely too)

2 tablespoons of chia seeds

2 tablespoons of ground flax seed

1 tablespoon of coconut oil

1 tablespoon of raw cacoa powder

1 tablespoon of hemp protein powder (I switch this to my own protein powder)

In a food processor throw in your nuts, chia seeds and flax seed and mix until it starts to cling to each other as the oils are coming out the nuts, usually about 2 minutes.

Make sure you have pitted your dates and throw those in too with the rest of the ingredients.  Mix them all.  I also have some biona date syrup which if you use regular dates instead of medjool it just adds some moisture to the mixture…not to much though.  When it’s all sticking in a dough, you are ready to roll them into balls.

I store them in the fridge and just snack on them through the week.  I try and restrict myself to 2-3 a day, which is hard!

They look like this…energybites3blog-460x450


Lush!  Enjoy xx