March Birch Box Review


Hi Guys!

This blog is all about Birch Boxes.  Some lovely lady told me about them on here the other week.  I’d never known they were available in the UK.  I’d heard of Glossy Box but to cut a long story short I got myself subscribed and I’m on my 2nd box already as I was fortunate to have a rather late delivery of February’s.

So I am loving these boxes.  If you’re anything like me there is way to much choice at times and it can be fazing when it comes to picking up a new brand and paying full price for a large item you may not even like.

This month I got 6 items all catered to my age 😟 and what I had a preference for.  Everyone’s I’ve seen is different.


The first thing I got and I love is ‘This works’ Pillow spray.  Can I just say I would NEVER buy something like this, it wouldn’t even cross my mind but I love it! I even went on to see how much they were, not only for me but it would make such a nice gift.  It smells of Lavender (soothing) primarily with Camomile (relaxing) and Vetivert.  You just shake it and spray on your pillow and I really think it works.  Super little product.


Second, I got an anti-aging serum (definitely needed *cough cough*).  This is made by Crea-m which I’ve never heard of…I’m unsure about this one.  You apply after cleansing but before moisturizing.  It has a pleasant smell slightly vanilla to me, sweet.  It’s a gel format and takes a few moments to dry.  Whilst wet it has a sticky feeling.  My skin did appear plumper in the morning but I am using tretinoin (well trying) and that could of given me the plumper look.  I’m going to persevere but the jury’s out on this.


My next product was a full size Colour Enhancing Lip Balm.  Made by Arrow…again a new one on me but I am a lip balm kind of girl.  I’m slowly changing but because I suffer from chapped lips and have a habit of occasionally biting them I’m always wearing balm.  I really like this balm as it changes colour to your PH meaning everybodys is different.  It has a slightly minty smell to it.  Considering the full price is £11 and the whole box is £10 its a bargin.



This other full size product is a brow gel.  I know eyeko do a really good one.  I have two brow gels myself Milani and L’oreal but I got the darker in L’oreal and although it sets better than Milani it has fibres in it which as the day progresses can seem more and more noticable.  Because of this I was very happy to try something else.  This has a small wand/spooly on it which I like.  It dosen’t get bitty and the gel holds unruly brows well in place.  I like it.


My last beauty sample was the Beauty Protector Beauty Cream Body Lotion.  It has a lovely sweet scent and is nourishing, however, because it’s a little size I have used it as a hand cream.  My hands get dry, especially in the Winter due to central heating, having my hands in water and I have had better creams.  It isn’t very hydrating as within 15 minutes of putting it on I feel like I need to reapply, but maybe I’m being unfair in my assessment of this as it isn’t advertised as a ‘hand cream’ alone.  On the plus side its got very pretty packaging.  Aside from that I would not look to repurchase this.

So that’s my full box.  I’m not reviewing Februarys but I was really pleased with that one too.  I would highly recommend getting one if you haven’t tried it.  The bonus is you can cancel if you don’t feel you’re getting anything that is really for you.


Love Em x


7 thoughts on “March Birch Box Review

  1. I wanted to love Birchbox soooo much, but I keep getting tiny tiny samples and half of which are just meh. I don’t think it’s worth the price. Seems like you get some different stuff in the UK. I just really wanted to love it though hah

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    1. Ha we are probably easily pleased Bella! There is not the same choice here with the beauty boxes. I have wondered if I will reach a point where I have too many samples to try but I’m only on my second so my level of enthusiasm is still high and I have really liked the majority of what I’ve got. Xx

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      1. That’s good then!! What others do you have over there? I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of trying samples… but like you, I’ve wondered the same thing!!! 🙂

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    1. Hi Em, for me yes, but it’s definitely worth trying at least one for you. You don’t have to sign up for an annual subscription. Just a monthly one and cancel it if you don’t like it. I’ve loved my last two boxes but they are personalised to you so don’t forget to fill out the profile if you join! Xx

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