Lake District Lover

As well as make up being a major love of mine you should know that I also LOVE where I live.  I moved to the Lake District in England from Manchester about 12 years ago and never looked back.  My husband and I were coming up virtually every moment we got on the weekends and fell in love with it.  The beauty is unmeasurable in my eyes…equal to possibly Canada or New Zealand…places that I would love to visit.

I’ve included some pictures of some beautiful places on my doorstep that attract so many people up here every year.  It also makes the rain worthwhile, well almost, although the minority that were devastated by the floods would most certainly disagree with that last statement.

I also love biking (although I’d describe myself as a fair weather rider).  You get to see many of those lanes that you just don’t go down in a car and become at one with your surroundings, giving you chance to enjoy a leisurely pace.

There is something quite unique about silence, something that allows the brain time to take in all the minute details and just relish every moment of stress free time.  Being at one with nature…seeing sights intended to bring us calm and serenity.  Green and blue are amazing colours.  It never ceases to amaze how many shades we can see.  Haybales, hills, bodies of water, evergreen trees, lambs with their mums, cows with their calves, blue skies just equals paradise to me.

Do you have those moments where you give your thoughts to how diverse nature and creation is?   I wonder if I travel across the  world if I could still feel like I was at home so much, in an enviroment similar to mine.

For now, I count my blessings that I ended up living in such a awe inspiring place, a place which offers somewhat peace and calm away from the mad world at times.   A place I can escape to within 5 minutes of driving and feel truly alone if I feel the need.  But at the same time cannot deny a urge to visit other equally beautiful, diverse places.

Where do you live?  Whats your story?  I’d love to know.  Thanks for reading.  Love Em xx



2 thoughts on “Lake District Lover

  1. Looks beautiful, I’m spending three weeks hiking in the Lake District this August. I can’t wait! I live on Vancouver Island, you should definitely visit Canada if you get a chance!

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    1. I’m so jealous! You’ll have a fabulous time and the weather should be warm. You’ll be spoilt for choice with walks. Wainwright’s are firm favourites with people that live here. Buttermere is gorgeous. We tend to walk and finish at a pub…there are plenty of those too xx

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