First Blog Post

Hi Guys, this is my first blog post, exciting for me!  I just decided to use this to tell you a little bit about myself and using it for.  So I’m feeling like a ‘older’ lady now…well, in body certainly not in mind.  I’ve always had an interest in beauty on and off and went to college to do beauty therapy at a tender age which I really enjoyed for the full three months I stayed but circumstances changed and took me away so it was a while before I looked into it again.  When my first and second child were of school age I went back to college to ‘nails’ and learnt to do gel nails.  I got my certificates but only really worked on friends.  I also became qualified in false tan application (not much brain power required there either).  Another child was thrown into the mix…I have actually stopped at three, but it halted time yet again.

Eventually I have found the time over the last year or so to take more intrest again but this time its turned more to the makeup/beauty side, skin care.  Now I have a little more cash to invest in these things and occasionally a little more time to spend reading about them.  When you read peoples reviews I found it very much a deciding factor on wether to purchase alot of these things as theres nothing worse than spending your money on something that can be expensive but just dosen’t work for you.   And wether indeed the high end of the beauty world is worth paying out over lower end products as many particlarly younger girls don’t have the cash to keep paying for these items.

At 40, I would like to make the most of being able to wear makeup without looking like someone could take a trowel to my face and scrape it off.  I have combination skin like many girls but am also proceeding down the road of the ‘tretinoin’ cream so my face can also have patches of dryness.  The purpose of my blog will be to review many of the products I buy and to let you know my honest and open thoughts.  Also to let you know if there really is hope for better skin with the tretinoin cream.  And any other little excerpts you may be interested in or questions you want answered.

Thanks for your time in reading this!

Love Emma x








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